Zacarías González Velázquez first trained with his father, the painter Antonio González Velázquez, and was later a disciple of his brother-in-law Mariano Salvador Maella and a student at the San Fernando Fine Arts Academy. San Fernando named him an honourable scholar in 1790, and he was appointed to be chamber painter for Charles IV in 1802. He also worked as a teacher at the Academy, where he served as the Director of Painting and General Manager.

The author of stripped-down compositions, González Velázquez stood out for his portraits and religious and decorative compositions depicting allegorical and mythological themes. Also noteworthy is his work associated with the Royal Tapestry Factory of Santa Bárbara, where he made sketches for tapestries on naval themes under Maella’s supervision.



Sagrada Familia con Santa Ana y San Joaquín

El magistrado Buenaventura Colsa y Pando, oidor de la Real Audiencia de Barcelona