The Morasverdes Culture Centre (Salamanca) is a youth hostel created with the goal of offering in-person training activities, including exhibition and workshops on the rural environment, nature and the historical heritage by showcasing the value of the natural and cultural resources in the region.

The Centre is envisioned as a space of encounter and cultural and educational exchange between youths and the natural environment. It is divided into two individual, accessible floors, each with their own facilities:

Hostel floor:
Residential module to house 76 people, with the possibility of short-term stays.
Two multipurpose study, reading and working rooms equipped with a library, IT devices and study and work furniture.
Auditorium and multipurpose room fitting up to 100 people, with audiovisual equipment for projections and lighting for theatrical activities, training and cultural gatherings.
Dining room, kitchen and café module.

Exhibition floor:
Exhibition hall (450 m2)
Outdoor square (800 m2) as an extension of the exhibition area, which can also be used for outdoor activities scheduled at the Centre.