The Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson is a private Spanish cultural and general foundation that operates on a non-profit basis. Created in 2006 by María Cristina Masaveu Peterson, its mission is to promote culture, training and scientific research on a national and international level, in keeping with the Masaveu family’s long patronage tradition.

It carries out a wide range of activities as well as pursuing different patronage initiatives through exhibitions, publishing, training and research programmes, the purchase of artworks, and the management of the Masaveu Collection. 

The Foundation has several venues where it hosts its cultural and general activities. 

FMCMP Morasverdes, which opened recently, is a cultural centre and youth hostel conceived as a space where young people can come together to share cultural and educational experiences in communion with nature. It emerged with the goal of promoting the value of the local natural and cultural resources and revitalising the rural environment through a programme of exhibitions and workshops on the link between art and nature.

The centre is spread across two independent floors. One accommodates the hostel and catering facilities, and the other is given over to the exhibition hall featuring the permanent display entitled FMCMP Collection: Art and Nature: Footprints Are the Road.


FMCMP Morasverdes takes its name from the village where it is located, in the province of Salamanca. Morasverdes belongs to the district of Ciudad Rodrigo and the sub-district of Campo de Yeltes, which forms part of the vast Campo Charro plain. 

It is situated in a strategic area, both in terms of its natural surroundings (Siega Verde Route, Las Batuecas Nature Reserve and Arribes del Duero Nature Reserve) and the nearby cultural resources, such as the small town of La Alberca and the city of Ciudad Rodrigo, both with a rich historical and artistic heritage.

The characteristic landscape is flat or gently rolling meadowland with holm oak trees, grazing areas, abundant ponds and little streams that are home to a rich diversity of plants and wildlife.