The Foundation, which was formed in 2006 by María Cristina Masaveu Peterson, was created with the goal of promoting the arts and culture, training and research, and protecting and conserving artistic heritage in Spain, and particularly in Asturias, based on the House of Masaveu’s patronage and sponsorship tradition, just as the founder María Cristina Masaveu Peterson did throughout her life with the utmost vigour and discretion.

In this manner, and in an increasingly complex, global and changing environment, the Foundation’s main objective is to promote culture, education and research as a means to achieve a better society. Therefore, one of the cornerstones of its activity is the comprehensive education of individuals, especially young people, as it is our responsibility to help future generations build a world based on fairer and more humane values and principles. Based on our deep conviction that the humanistic facet is a fundamental part of such education and greatly enriches society, we regard art and creation as great sources of knowledge.

Another important area that we must not forget is the support offered to scientific research projects in such important fields as oncology and environmental care, through projects to develop cancer treatments and decontamination agents linked to cement manufacturing.

Such work materialises in the form of an endless number of initiatives, such as publications, exhibitions, and scientific research and historical heritage projects, the development of unique artistic projects and an extensive scholarship programme, which, to date, has contributed towards educating hundreds of young people from Asturias.

We hope that this website will serve as a means to disseminate our patronage activities across the Foundation’s different areas, and a means to communicate with society as a whole based on transparency. At the same time, we would like it to be a useful instrument for those who wish to feel part of such an inspiring project as that set in motion by María Cristina Masaveu Peterson, a project that we are so proud of having the responsibility to develop with unending honesty and fidelity.