(Toledo, 1984)

This young Spaniard understands spaces as places of absences, appreciating light using multiple registers and perspectives. Intersecting planes, Hopperian registers, colours that ride harmoniously, approaches, chopped up and compositions not intended to be witness to the place but rather a reading of its essence, respecting the genesis of each chosen architect, somehow emulating the reflections of Álvaro Siza (“as the turbulent 21st century progresses, the importance grows of artists who, having sunk their roots into it, have cultivated the poetry of silence and have been able to interpret, through it, the chaotic and elusive reality of our time”) and aspiring to gain a foothold in the long list of photographers located on this side of the mirror.


Sin título (de la serie Catedrales)

Sin título (Águas Livres)

Sin título (Águas Livres)