Vallières, Laurence

(Quebec, Canada, 1986)

The young Canadian sculptor Laurence Vallières is primarily known for her large-scale sculptures made of recycled cardboard.

Vallières studied Visual Arts at Concordia University in Montreal with a specialisation in ceramics. Afterwards, she furthered her training in Los Angeles and with a stay at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg (Russia, 2010), becoming associated with urban art. She currently lives and works in Montreal, although she constantly travels all over the world and makes her creations in different cities.

Influenced by Art Spiegelman, George Orwell and William Kentridge, Vallières primarily represents animals in her works, which she uses as a vehicle to encourage a reflection on human beings, our relationships and our communication processes. Weapons and animated figures like Mario Bros, Mickey, Tweety Bird and Pikachu are also recurring iconographies in her most recent output.

Her sculptures are based on preparatory drawings and clay mock-ups, although her final works are always made of recycled cardboard. The reuse of this material is an anti-consumer manifesto and is also related to the artist’s steadfast support for promoting environmental sustainability.



Esta escultura del popular personaje de videojuegos Mario Bros fue realizada por Laurence Vallières en Montreal en 2019.