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Author:  Juan Díaz-Faes (Oviedo, 1982)
Title: Sinstelación (Synstelation)
Year: 2021
Tecnique: enamel and acrylic on metal plate
Size: 8 y 13 m (length)

Sinstelación is a specific project by Oviedo-born Juan Díaz-Faes created expressly under the patronage of the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation for the Street Art Space at its headquarters on Alcalá Galiano Street in Madrid. It is an intervention carried out on the metallic ducts of the air conditioning of this space. It is the first time that Díaz-Faes works on this type of support, which also presents the complexity of its material, three-dimensionality and location when presenting and adapting the composition.

The design, made in black on yellow and with its characteristic patterns that invade everything, acquires its own texture that, for the artist, reminds him of salamanders. As for its reading, always playful, it is multiple, and includes differential elements such as a sad character or another with three eyes.