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Sin título


Author: Juan Asensio (Cuenca, 1959)
Title: Sin título
Year: 2017
Technique: sivec white marble
Size: 44,5 x 118,5 x 16,5 cm

This piece, which appeared in the artist’s solo exhibition held at the Elvira González Gallery (Madrid) between 14 September and 28 October 2017, was acquired by the Foundation at this gallery’s stand at the 2019 ARCO fair.

As is common in his latest works, Untitled offers us Asensio’s particular interpretation of the relationship between geometry and nature. Crafted of white marble with a highly polished finish, the choice of material, which harks back to classical sculpture, helps imbue the work with a sense of immutability and serene beauty, while the dynamism of its curved lines confers a sense of lightness which contrasts with the intrinsic heaviness of the material.