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Palais du gouverneur


Author: Dionisio González (Gijón, 1965)
Title: Palais du gouverneur (Chandigarh, India)
Year: 2011-2013
Technique: prints on three-dimensional polymeric vinyl with wooden frame
Size: 143.16  x 139.43 x 143 cm
Serie: En algún lugar ninguna parte: Le Corbusier. 14 proyectos sin ejecutar (Somewhere nowhere: Le Corbusier. 14 projects yet to be carried out)
Category: Fine Arts Scholarship, 2011-13. Patronage to artistic project

The María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation awarded Dionisio González with the “II Beca de Mecenazgo en Bellas Artes” (II Patronage Scholarship in Fine Arts) (2011-2013) to complete his projects, “Dauphin Island” (2011-2012) and “Somewhere Nowhere: Le Corbusier. 14 projects yet to be carried out”, already been shown in expositions created by the artist at the 2013 International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO, Madrid), the IvoryPress gallery (Madrid, 2013) and the Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto (Gijón, 2014), where he reflects on utopia, survival and destruction. This piece belongs to the second of these projects, inspired by the architecture of Le Corbusier and assuming the philosophical ideas of Heidegger by understanding that every work not built is a ruin that becomes silent destruction, capable of imploding and, therefore, sending us “to its own state of utopia that, in itself, is understood as no place, nowhere”, said the Asturian photographer.

The unique project on Le Corbusier – mounted on risky formats with meticulous aesthetic quality in each composition – carries out the difficult task of restoring those omitted remains through projects that the historic Swiss architect was never able to complete, including El Palacio del Gobernador (The Governour’s Palace) (Chandigarh, India), which inspired this piece; Villa Chimanbha and Villa Hutheesing (Ahmedabad, India), Le Maison Canneel (Brussels, Belgium), Villa Paul Prado (Buenos Aires, Argentina), the Durand Oued Ouchaia residence, the Museo del Crecimiento Ilimitado (Algeria) or the Mundaneum Musée Mondial (Geneva), among others. His study, analysis and photographic reinterpretation does not pursue a documentary purpose, but rather seeks to inhabit the space, to take possession of its spirit and position itself ethically, generating fragments of myths that can suggest new initiatives.