MORI, Yutaka

(Tokio, 1988)

This young Japanese artist living in the Asturian town of Lugo de Llanera came to Spain several years ago, attracted by the sculptures of Gaudí, Chillida and Oteiza. He spent time in Barcelona and the Basque Country before landing in Asturias, where he currently lives. He studied at the Art School of Oviedo and joined the roster of his currently gallery in Gijón at JUSTMAD 2014, where he stood out for his geometric paper compositions. The exploration of different media and the delicacy of his works enable him to alternate optic art and material harmony, overlapping languages with a unique sensibility to pose interplays of lines and colours in medium and small formats. In the past three years, he has participated in contemporary art fairs in Lima, Marbella and São Paulo, among other cities.


S/T (YM#56)

S/T (YM#57)