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Looking up in Osaka (Ebisu-Higashi)


Author: João Penalva (Lisbon, 1949)
Title: Looking up in Osaka (Ebisu-Higashi)
Year: 2005-2006
Technique: piezo-electric print on 320-gram paper. Innova dry mounted on aluminium, methacrylate and oak frame / Only print
Size: 203.3 x 153.3 cm

The photographic series “Looking up in Osaka” is based on a variation of images of power lines in the Japanese city, which are combined in multiple, essentially visual, compositions. The series was created by João Penalva between 2005 and 2006 and this piece was acquired by the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation at the 2013 International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO) in Madrid for its contemporary art collection.

For this renowned Portuguese artist, these compositions are vibrant portraits of public utility poles presented as randomly drawn scenes on a backdrop that symbolises the sky, between ethics and aesthetics, with an essential harmony and truly captivating contrast. The cables invading the city are transformed into a poetic element, with light as the protagonist of an open space where each particle transcends further mysteries.