Scientific research is among the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation’s main objectives, with special focus on the technological development of the cement manufacturing industry and its subsequent applications.

The María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation and the company Cementos Tudela Veguín S.A. have entered into a collaboration agreement to develop a new line of research which will contribute to a more sustainable industrial production. This agreement has been signed by the Foundation’s President, Fernando Masaveu and the Managing Director of Tudela Veguín, Julio Pelaez.

Increasing regulatory requirements from an environmental perspective, and high social demand for a more sustainable industrial activity, have forced processing companies such as thermal plants, ceramic companies, cement plants, steel manufacturers, metallurgical manufacturers, glass manufacturers, paper manufacturers and waste treatment plants to seek solutions to minimise emissions and discharges that contaminate the natural environment.

In this sense, there is a development opportunity for some of the products currently manufactured by Cementos Tudela Veguín S.A, such as lime-based products, traditionally associated to construction and steel applications.

Thanks to the collaboration agreement signed with the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation, Cementos Tudela Veguín S.A’s Research, Development and Innovation Department will be able to design a research project for the development of a new application within the aforementioned product family in the environmental field. Not only will this project improve the company’s operation, by adapting it to the new requirements, but it will also increase its sales potential towards new markets, based on the diversification of its activity.

Furthermore, the project also includes research into the minimisation, regeneration and recovery of waste that is inexorably associated to decontamination processes, thus enhancing sustainability in the full life cycle of the new product.

Therefore, the main objective is to create a product family that can be used in the field of reducing polluting emissions in the atmosphere, generating added value compared to current solutions, both from an economic and environmental point of view.

About Cementos Tudela Veguín S. A.

Founded in June 1898, Cementos Tudela Veguín S.A. boasts 118 years of history. Pioneering from the very outset in the manufacture of an innovative product such as artificial cement, Cementos Tudela Veguín S.A. continues to be the leading company in the production of cement and lime on an international level, thanks to its full commitment to innovation and the environment.

Cementos Tudela Veguín S.A. is part of Masaveu Industry, a division of the Masaveu Corporation which is dedicated to the manufacture of cement, lime, mortar and concrete, among other products.