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La Dérniere Carte


Author: Gerardo Custance (Madrid, 1976)
Title: La Dernière Carte. Traces 2012
Year: 2012
Technique: printing by mineral pigments on paper base without acids
Size: 120 x 150 cm
Edition: 1/5

This work by Gerardo Custance is part of the series entitled “La Dernière Carte” and was acquired by the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation at the 2013 International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO) in Madrid for its current photography collection. The project is a work in progress that was later selected for several contests, such as the Premio FotoPress de la Caix (Caixa FotoPress Award), among others.

Castilian villages, roads, hostels, swamps, landfills and rural environments were the watchword for previous works by this artist from Madrid, who in this new series – still in progress – maintains his usual exploration of space represented through symbols, the society around him and the complex relationship between humans and inhabited nature. His searches focus on identity with a two-fold perspective: from space towards the viewer and vice versa, stimulating reflection on social instability and ambiguity, between pure landscape and documentary mood, with rigorous work methodology and high-quality technical processes.