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The Steel Ball


Author: Agustín Ibarrola  (Bilbao, 1930)
Title: The Steel Ball
Year:  2005-2009
Technique: steel, thin layers of oil and synthetic paint
Size: 170 x 180 x 200 cm

The Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson acquired this work in January 2020. Made around the same time as the painted stones in Garoza (Muñogalindo, Ávila, 2005–2009) and the heir to Arteaga’s project (Vizcaya, 1999), this steel ball weighing around 400 kilos is characterised by its intensity and bright colour. In addition to its compact, solid nature, it features a play of contrasts between the geometric planes comprising the volume and the structural black curved lines running around its entire surface. The artist uses bright blue, heavy with matter, to reinforce the power of these volumes.