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Irrealidad 08


Author: Carlos García (Gijón, 1978)
Title: Irrealidad 08 (Unreality 08)
Year: 2010
Technique: pigments, acrylic and cement on sandstone
Size: 10 x 63 cm
Categoría: Fine Arts Scholarship, 2010. Patronage to artistic project

Another small example that lies between the pictorial and the sculptural within the set of works that were selected after the I Beca de Mecenazgo en Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Patronage Scholarship) was awarded to the Asturian Carlos García to form part of the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation Contemporary Art Collection. Belonging to the Unreality series of the project “Registering New York”, it was produced in the Big Apple during the months when he took advantage of the support from the FMCMP. Like the rest of his painting, sculpture and video art project, it is part of a thematic series in multiple formats that tries to reconstruct an emotional landscape multiplying the neural connections to create new artistic dreams.

A new example of informalist nods, in Carlos García’s constant experimental search for ideas, ideals, references, materials and more or less tangible games that reveal a basically urban quality. Pigments, acrylic paint and cement applied on sandstone that transcend the two dimensions to form a composition inhabiting memories that look from today to yesterday, from the sackcloth of Millares to the funerary art of the ancient Mediterranean civilisations, with the fabrics enveloping instants, moments and hidden mysteries.