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Irrealidad 01


Author: Carlos García (Gijón, 1978)
Title: Irrealidad 01 (Unreality 01)
Year: 2010
Technique: pigments, acrylic and cement on sandstone
Size: 138 x 232 cm
Category: Fine Arts Scholarship, 2010. Patronage to artistic project

The María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation Contemporary Art Collection has four works by Carlos García which were selected after the Foundation’s I Beca de Mecenazgo en Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Patronage Scholarship), awarded to this young artist from Gijón in 2010. The grant was for the project entitled “Registering New York” and allowed the author to develop his work in the American city for several months, and produce an important thematic series in multiple formats that, in his own words, constructs an emotional landscape multiplying the neuronal connections and creating new artistic dreams.

They are works that harmonise the visual impact and subliminal message, often taking advantage of literary support, under the ideas of this multidisciplinary artist who, living in the United States, currently alternates his sculpture, painting, installation, video art and photography projects with graphic design, corporate image, website, communication and interior design jobs. Here, part of an expressionist composition, combining pigments, acrylic paint and cement applied on sandstone to create an aesthetic of informalist reminiscences, which seems a brief homage to the symbolism of Tàpies and the Catalan movements of the nineteen sixties.