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Author: Angélica Dass (Río de Janeiro, Brasil, 1979)
Title: Humanae
Year: 2012
Technique: digital photography on Hahnemühle and dibond paper
Size: 25 x 25 cm each photograph / composition of 30 pieces

Angélica Dass was one of the great surprises at the 2013 International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO) in Madrid, where the María Cristina Masaveu Foundation acquired this composition of 30 images belonging to her “Humanae” project, still in progress, which soon went on to win the PhotoEspaña Prize. Since then works by the young Brazilian artist have been exhibited in the gallery that represents her in Madrid and in several international museums and art centres.

The “Humanae” project proposes a chromatic inventory of the skin tones of human beings, based on the participation of the viewer, who becomes part of the adventure with their own faces. Angélica Dass does not depict differences of nationality, age, race or religion, nor has time limits in this work in progress which aims to develop a sort of global mosaic as a photographic taxonomy. Historically and symbolically, the photographic series alludes to certain systems of social or police control, that is reversed in this series towards a new possibility, skin colour, based on the format of PANTONE guides. By having unique patterns for each participant, any possibility of control or social hierarchy disappears, setting a beautiful utopia through a project that has direct dialogue with the public.