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Author: Túlio Pinto (Brasilia, Brasil, 1974)
Title: Hole in the sky #4
Year: 2020
Technique: steel and glass
Size: 41 x 70 x 30 cm
Edition: 2/50

Just like many of the works of Túlio Pinto, as the heir to constructivism and international minimalism, Hole in the Sky #4 is a piece grounded on the relationships between basic shapes and opposing materials which engage in a dialogue characterised by appreciable instability. In this case, two cubic steel shapes are combined with two glass plates in a play of tensions and contrasting opposites (like heavy/light, full/empty, fragile/hard, stable/unstable), which is their main appeal.

This piece and another sculpture by the same artist were acquired by the Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson at the Senda gallery stand at the 2020 ARCO fair.