(A Coruña, 1960)

Gómez-Chao’s training is marked by his stay in Valencia during the first half of the 1980s, where he graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Carlos (1979/85). He also collaborated with groups such as “Gruporzán” and initiatives such as “Novísimos”, among others. In the past seven years he has shined on the Spanish artistic scene with his project “nuevas realidades” (new realities), which is based on digital images and installations that intensify the vibrations of each piece. At his most recent exhibitions in A Coruña, Madrid and Gijón, he drew a contrast between historical and mythological themes and the irony and scenographic character of each exhibit. The Galician artist has also carried out interesting multidisciplinary projects in institutional fields, such as Arteandando (Walking art) and En el jardín interior (In the inner garden) at the Museum of Fine Arts in La Coruña (2004 and 2014), and such as Os tentáculos dos anxos (The tentacles of the angels) at the Luis Seoane Foundation in La Coruña (2006), where he unified the exhibitions, paintings and photographs, bringing together different formats. Gómez-Chao’s ability to display beautiful oriental allusions thrives on a reinterpretation of the empty space defined by the venues, making it his own; a beauty that, despite its voluntary variegation, is graceful because it is nurtured by containment, based on a debate between absence and presence which is full of residual imaginaries.


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