Fernandez, Luis

(Oviedo, 1900 – París, 1973)

Luis Fernández is a key figure in 20th-century Spanish art, the creator of a personal figuration characterised by the quest for the absolute.

Orphaned first with his father’s death and then his mother’s, Luis and his siblings moved to Madrid in 1909 and to Barcelona two years later. In this latter city, he completed his artistic training at the Arts and Crafts School. In 1924, he moved to Paris, where he spent the rest of his life. There he was in touch with the abstract avant-garde (1928–1936) and later with Surrealism, Picasso-style Expressionism and Post-Cubism (1936–1952). From 1952 until the end of his days, he poured himself into realistic works with drastically reduced, streamlined, transcendental motifs which he called plastic realism, transcendental realism or surreal realism.



Couple enlacé o L’etreinte (Pareja enlazada o abrazándose)

Colombes o pigeons

Composition (Composición). Paysage (Paisaje)