29 JUNE -15 OCTOBER 2023

The Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson and the Museo de Bellas Artes de València are preparing a major exhibition on Sorolla to mark the centenary of his death.

In the year commemorating the centenary of the death of Joaquín Sorolla (Valencia, 27 February 1863–Cercedilla, 10 August 1923), and in the city of his birth, Masaveu Collection: Sorolla features close on fifty exceptional works, many of them masterpieces, belonging to one of the most important private collections in Spain.

The Masaveu Collection, the property of Corporación Masaveu and managed since 2013 by the Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson, owns a large number of Sorolla works that stand out for their sheer quantity and quality. They were all purchased by Pedro Masaveu Peterson (1938–1993), one of the main driving forces behind this valuable collection. In fact, the Masaveu Collection is the private collection with the largest number of pieces by the Valencian artist, and the third largest in the world in terms of volume and importance, surpassed only by two public institutions: the Museo Sorolla in Madrid and the Hispanic Society of America in New York.

Promoted by the Foundation and organised in association with the Museo de Bellas Artes de València, the exhibition features forty-six works by Joaquín Sorolla made between 1882, when he was a young nineteen-year-old still in his formative years, and 1917, three years before a stroke brought his painting career to an abrupt end. The selection forms a significant body of works on diverse themes and with a variety of provenances, shedding light on the artist’s pictorial development and the essential aspects and contributions of his art through the different genres he practised.

The selection of works on display, which include a number of masterpieces, also reflect a special interest in themes related to seafaring activities and bathing scenes, both recurring topics in Sorolla’s oeuvre.


Museo de Bellas Artes de València
Valencia, Spain

Organised by: Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson and Museo de Bellas Artes de València
Institutional curator: Fundación María Cristina Masaveu Peterson
Dates: 29 June–15 October 2023