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El mundo de los vencedores (El Pardo)


Author: Ignasi Prat (San Esteve de Palautordera, Barcelona, 1981)
Title: El mundo de los vencedores (El Pardo) . (The world of winners. El Pardo))
Year: 2014
Technique: digital photography, print Fine Art Baryta Glicée on Dibond
Size: 105 x 150 cm

This work was acquired by the FMCMP Art Collection at the JustMad Fair 2015, at the stand of the Majorcan Addaya_Centro de Arte Contemporáneo. The series “El mundo de los vencedores” is inspired by the death certificates collected by Fernando Magán, a lawyer for the associations that collaborated with Judge Baltasar Garzón when he charged those responsible for crimes against humanity and they focus on homes belonging to the Franco elite. The Catalan artist tracked down eleven soldiers and five civilians related to the military coup of July 1936, recording spaces whose stylistic image is a metaphor for the ideological phantasmagoria of power, with scenes that reinforce the monumentality and psychological burden of imposing architecture, between historiography and document archive, ethics and aesthetics.