CÓRDOBA, Soledad

(Avilés, 1977)

The artist holds a Bachelor’s and a doctorate in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid. She took the leap to the exhibition circuit in 2002 after winning first prize in photography at El Cultural. Since then, her career as an artist has been validated by a variety of photography and fine arts awards, as well as by numerous individual and group exhibitions both in Spain and abroad.

Soledad Córdoba uses photography as a means of representing new realities, as well as questioning herself on the existence of human beings. Her oeuvre, which is based on performative processes later retouched in long studio sessions, shows a meticulous poetic beauty and composition. Her main theme tends to be a woman’s body (her own) and its relationship with the space around it (nature, especially in her latest works). She tends to use nature as an excuse for reflection, for dialogue between it and the human being who inhabits it. A narrative and poetic sense can always be gleaned from her works, including photographs, videos and installations, which tend to feature recurring elements like stone, rope, a black veil, gold thread and black roses, symbols alluding to explorations of spirituality and the unconscious.


Peregrina VI