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Colapso 07


Author: Carlos García (Gijón, 1978)
Title: Colapso 07
Year: 2010
Technique: concrete
Size: 145 x 30 x 30 cm
Category: Fine Arts Scholarship, 2010. Patronage to artistic project

This sculpture by the Asturian Carlos García belongs to the group of works from the artist selected after the I Beca de Mecenazgo en Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Patronage Scholarship) was awarded by the Maria Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation in 2010. It is part of the “Registering New York” project which also includes numerous paintings, photographs and videos within a tremendously eclectic series, with disparate formats which, according to this young man from Gijón living in the United States, try to reconstruct an emotional landscape by multiplying neural connections to create new artistic dreams.

The many suggestions and stimuli received in the North American city have served for very different purposes in the work of Carlos García, alternating experimental trials, formal games, more or less solid theoretical discourses and, as in this piece, large doses of irony. New York can be the neons, the amalgam of visual images, the road, music, travel, hybridisations, the meeting, loneliness, uneasiness, mystery or joy. But it is also the city of pop, the cradle of those years in the fifties where Warhol and the Factory created a new way of seeing the artistic world, with everyday and industrial elements chosen to inspire their works. In this case, a teddy bear, an infantile symbol destroyed (or perhaps, re-constructed using the cement) serves as a metaphor for the construction of a new urban landscape where almost everything is happily or unhappily contaminated.