In line with the Foundation’s objectives, the María Cristina Masaveu Foundation is collaborating with the Argadini Association on a training programme named Cultural Assistant Course, for young workers with disabilities.

The aim of this course is to open a professional future as assistants for such individuals in different fields within the artistic and cultural world.

The “Cultural Assistant” professional profile focuses on facilitating and providing new spaces to the work carried out by people with intellectual disabilities.

The use of culture and the different artistic disciplines provides this group with training, personal enjoyment and a new work focus that they also hope to achieve. Thus, the creation of this professional profile seeks to go a step further by helping students to learn about and participate in a process that is already personalised and differentiated within society.

The Argadini Association was created as a result of nine years of work with people with intellectual disabilities in the field of culture, artistic creation and emotional education. Its objectives are to improve the quality of life and personal, educational, social, cognitive and emotional development of people with any type of disability, regardless of the social group to which they belong. It also aims to contribute to social and professional integration through the cultural field.