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Nº. 2 (Piece of trash)


Author: Nacho Martín Silva ( Madrid, 1977)
Title: Nº. 2  (Piece of trash)
Year: 2016
Technique: Collage
Size: 200 x 150 cm

This work was acquired in February 2017 at the stand of the Cantabria-based José de la Fuente gallery at the International Contemporary Art Fair of Madrid (ARCO), and it embodies the most salient interests in Nacho Martín Silva’s latest projects. What stands out in this work is his feverish structuring of reality, generating works with multiple meanings and fascinating artistic values. The validity of painting and conceptual echoes are an essential part of these works, which spark debates between the virtual and the real and take on a unique projection in works like the Piece of Trash series, if possible, by bridging the overall idea of the composition and the qualities of the fragmentary parts in a play of well-intentioned expressive resources.