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Necesidad del ser. Irrealidad


Author: Carlos García (Gijón, 1978)
Title: Necesidad del ser. Irrealidad (Human needs. Unreality)
Year: 2010
Technique: photograph on paper
Size: 88 x 122 cm
Edition: unique
Category: Fine Arts Scholarship, 2010. Patronage to artistic project

Part of the set of works that were produced as a result of the I Beca de Mecenazgo en Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Patronage Scholarship), granted to the Asturian Carlos García to be part of the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation Contemporary Art Collection, this is a simple photograph inspired by the journey taken during the “Registering New York” project and the work in the American city over several months. This forms, like the rest of his project involving painting, sculpture and video art, a thematic series in multiple formats that tries to reconstruct an emotional landscape multiplying the neural connections to create new artistic dreams.

The artist acts here as the protagonist of his own “subjective camera”, developing an everyday story through his steps, with various moments captured in New York’s East Village. As he usually says, they are images that, combining experimentation, chance and a sense of voyeurism, can be found on the roof of the apartment before going out into the street, or in the landscapes of the roofs, while taking a breath of fresh air before returning to reality and awakening with visual blows. Small but vital details, dynamic, that build their own landscape on the urban landscape of a city that envelops the artist, exciting all his senses.