(Madrid, 1952)

Having trained at the Méndez Ruiz studio and at the San Fernando School of Fine Arts, Matarranz carried out his first exhibition at Madrid’s “Club de Prensa” in 1972. During the 1980s he was one of the most important emerging painters in the Spanish capital, collaborating with galleries such as Egam and participating in several national and international adventures. In 1995 he settled with his family in Gijón (Asturias) and he started to hold important institutional exhibitions. He also participated in fairs such as Art Chicago, Art Basel, the Chicago International Art Fair and Arco, with the support of the Vértice gallery in Oviedo. At the end of the 1990s and at the beginning of the 21st Century he was one of the most prolific painters in Asturias, combining material experimentation with his frequent oxidations, full of lyrical registers.


La huella del aire I