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La Mésentente. Núm. 2


Author: Miguel Rael (Lorca, Murcia, 1974)
Title: La Mésentente. Núm. 2
Year: 2014
Techinique: black and white photograph
Size: 100 x 65 cm

This work was acquired for the FMCMP Art Collection during the JustMad Fair 2015 at the stand of the Valencian gallery Espai Tactel. The piece was part of one of his last solo exhibitions titled El desacuerdo (The disagreement) and presented at the gallery earlier that year after first being shown at Centro de Arte Párraga, Murcia. The exhibition consisted of paintings, sculptures, objects and installations accompanied by several photographs, such as this one, the result of the desire to compose conceptual fictions that defines the Murcian artist. In La mésentente, the forms of intermingling hands offer a kind of dialogue movement between a Korean “butterfly” army knife that simulates the steps of the “balysong” (a martial art originated in the seas of southern China), in an ironic tangle of nuances that maintain the tension between autobiography and political correctness.