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Juan Bravo Murillo


Author: Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz (Rome, 1815 – Madrid, 1894)
Title: Juan Bravo Murillo
Year: 1849
Technique: oil on canvas
Size: 100 x 79,5 cm

Juan Bravo Murillo (1803–1873) was one of the most prominent politicians of moderate liberalism. He was painted by Federico de Madrazo in 1849, right at the start of the artist’s mature period. Madrazo drew from the resources afforded by his sitter’s black, white and gold clothing, crossed with the white and blue sash of the Order of Charles III, whose emblem he is wearing on his chest. The artist then interplayed them with the deep red and gold on the chair, the table runner and the folder. This painting stands out for the realism and aptness of his treatment of the face, which is framed with harmonious softness by the hair curling at the temples and his beard. The shape of the head, with its delicate transitions, makes this portrait the best of the many he painted of this personage, and the most eloquent one depicting his cautious, reflective spirit.

This work was acquired at an auction at Balclis in October 2016 (lot 1564).