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Avilés, 27 fotografías


Author: Juan de Sande (Madrid, 1964)
Title: Avilés, 27 fotografías
Year: 2003
Technique: RC colour matte photograph on methacrylate.
Size: 146 x 123 cm
Edition: 3/5

This work by Juan de Sande, acquired by the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation at Madrid’s International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO) in 2010, belongs to a series that began in 2003 on solitary architectures, generating scenes of a metaphysical and captivating appearance, with architecture and light as philosopher’s stones. He took 27 photographs in Avilés, after a large amount of field work in the Asturian city.

As he frequently does, here Juan de Sande positions the subject face on, in front of apparently old spaces, almost completely filling the composition with the buildings portrayed. They are suggestions of a more or less recent past, thematic pretexts that allude to emptiness and solitude, extracting the hidden beauty among the materials and grey skies. The living space in a state of transformation, abandonment as an allegory for the past, staging of situations and cities where multiple experiences occurred. Ruin as a stimulus to tell stories, in keeping with the work of other great contemporary artists. Compositional symmetry, order and cleanliness are other values that define the Madrid artist.