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Sin título (88 days in Japan)


Author: Allegra Pacheco (San José, Costa Rica, 1986)
Title: Untitled
Year: 2014
Technique: Ilford photograph on Hahnemüle paper
Size: 70 x 100 cm
Serie: 88 days in Japan
Edition: 1/ 3

This work was acquired by the FMCMP Art Collection at the JustMad Fair 2015, at the stand of the Madrid gallery Materna y Herencia. It is part of the series “88 days in Japan”, where Allegra Pacheco treasures signs and images through visions of people and cityscapes of the Japanese capital, where she lived for a month and a half thanks to an artist residency. The work was compiled in a book of the same name by the publishers Germinal and recounts an inner journey, experiencing with local traditions and this young Costa Rican artist’s fascination with intimacy, fantasy and passion for different cultures. Portraying dead spaces in the city, amidst lights, sounds and silences, the spontaneous images and anonymous characters contrast the tradition and contemporariness of the Asian country.