Aguirre, Miguel

(Lima, 1973)


The Peruvian artist Miguel Aguirre lives and works in Madrid and Lima. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Art from the Catholic University of Peru and a Master’s of Advanced Studies from the Fine Arts Faculty at the University of Barcelona. He has exhibited his works both individually and collectively in different countries, including Spain, France, Germany, the United States, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru.

Aguirre usually works in series, and his work tends to reflect on the recent past and present, interpreting them not only in a narrative fashion but also in a plural and divergent way. To do so, he draws from archives and the use of different sources ranging from the family album to film negatives, the press, films, political-economic essays, 1980s graphics and popular culture, with Western art in general and particularly history painting being common referents.



Nefud Desert, ca. 1917 (according to Lean)