MUÑOZ, Lucio

(Madrid, 1929 – 1998)

Lucio Muñoz is one of the most important artists in Spanish Informalism, even though he was not a member of the El Paso group. He studied drawing with Eduardo Navarro and at the San Fernando Fine Arts School, where he was a disciple of Eduardo Chicharro and met Antonio López, the López Hernández brothers and Amalia Avia, whom he married in 1960. In 1955, he began his inquiry into the artistic properties of matter, which he furthered that same year with a journey to Paris, where he connected with French Informalism. In 1958, he began to use wood, first as a support and later as a ‘picto-sculptural’ material, which he carved, scratched, burned and splintered, becoming one of the hallmarks of his painting. In the late 1960s and 1970s, his work turned darker and pigment was still its essence, while after 1980 his output became lighter, stripped of any pictorial treatment.



Tabla 25-95