Holding the goat (de la serie Back to simplicity)

Artist: Marina Abramovic (Belgrado, Serbia, 1946)
Title: Holding the goat (from the Back to simplicity series)
Technique: Pigment print / Print of 7
Size: 160 x 160 cm.
Year: 2010

“Back to Simplicity” is one of the most original series in the extensive visual work started fifty years ago by Marina Abramovic, a pioneer of performance and body art, who documents actions through photographic images and videos. The piece was acquired by the María Cristina Masaveu Peterson Foundation in Madrid during the 2011 International Contemporary Art Fair (ARCO). It includes photographs taken a year earlier, during a ten-day retreat in southern Italy to rest after three months of intense activity in the retrospective exhibition at the MoMA in New York. Her experiences were collected in the book “Italian Works” in 2012, and that same year she went on to present the work “Vida y muerte de Marina Abramovic” (“Life and Death of Marina Abramovic”) at the Teatro Real in Madrid and the exhibition “Selected Early Works” organised by a local gallery.

From her roots, Abramovic has experienced and explored the limits of her mental and physical endurance in front of an audience, with her body as a subject and medium, ritualising the simplest acts of daily life or reminiscing, as in this piece, renowned historical, social and religious events. The formal and technical quality of her meticulously prepared photographs, especially give rise to the initial pretext of the composition, which departs from the complex conceptual solutions and has an important initial discourse, fine tuning every detail to express herself through beautiful scenery and dialogue with the landscape, as in this almost pantheistic image.